The word Bath is known in Arabic simply as a “Hammam” and Moroccan Bath is a tradition spread across the Middle East from ancient times. It is done to clean and soften the skin, relax and improves blood circulation, and to relieve pain and stress.

Our Moroccan bath is done in a humid Steam Room environment, with dimmed lighting to make you feel more relaxed.

First, a client is steamed for 10 minutes followed by a Scalp mask application which improves scalp circulation and to reduce dandruff. Scalp treatment includes a mild and relaxing head massage. The following procedure is a rub of 100% Moroccan Black Soap with Natural Olive Oil Extract that softens the skin and gently removes skin toxins and layers of dead skin surfaces. Once spread over the entire body the client rests in the Steam Room to allow the process to open clogged pores and soften the skin.

Our Therapist then lightly scrubs the skin with a Moroccan Glove to get rid of the dead cells and reveal new layer of soft fresh skin after a brief shower. The therapy then follows a bathing process which our therapists will bathe the client with warm water.

The final procedure is a whole one hour relaxing oil massage.

The Moroccan bath takes approximately 2 hours to complete, and is advised to be repeated twice a month to keep your skin soft, clean and smooth.

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